Causal Analytics Toolkit

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The Causal Analytics Toolkit (CAT) is an Excel add-in, developed with support from the GW Regulatory Studies Center, that provides simple, powerful commands and a point-and-click interface for doing advanced analytics from Excel using R packages, even if the user does not know R. It can be used in many ways, from push-button, fully automated analyses to programming in R, depending on the level of user experience and familiarity with statistics and with R. For users who have no knowledge of R, a few mouse clicks will display results from advanced R packages without the need to learn R.

CAT gives simplified access to the analytics power of a vast array of R packages for detecting, analyzing, quantifying, and visualizing associations and other relations (such as information relations among multiple variables) in data sets using standardized, well-documented, and well-supported algorithms. For advanced users, CAT provides a convenient way to integrate R programming directly into Excel, while also providing pre-built commands with simplified syntax, push-button analytics capabilities that can save time on routine tasks, and reports that often integrate the analyses from multiple R packages to provide different perspectives on relations in the data.

More capabilities will be added over time, and CAT will be updated as R releases and packages are updated and new packages for advanced analytics and causal analysis are added to the CRAN repository. We therefore encourage users to check for CAT updates often. We also welcome and encourage users to send comments, questions, notifications of bugs or difficulties in using CAT, and suggestions for improvements and additions to

We hope to make CAT as useful and easy-to-use as possible. Your feedback will help to achieve this goal. Download a free full working copy now.